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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Multicam Load Out

On the right is my current Multicam load Out. Consisting of :
- Tru Spec TRU Battle Shirt & Pants made from Genuine Crye Precision Fabric
- Infantry Multicam Cordura Boots
- Oakley Assault Gloves
- VForce Grill - Model Lizard
- Armour plate carrier from ebairsoft
- Drop leg side molle panel

Scenario Game at Tanamera Paintball

Concluded the weekend stint at Tanamera Paintball field. played 3 games. Namely the Lake placid, Kill house & the Viet Cong village. all three games concluded before 2pm. The X7 has some paint break in the Cyclone on the first game probably due to the humidity & the quality of the paint on that day. Cleaned the TechT paddles & the Hammerhead Battlestikxx and the marker was good to go

Friday, February 26, 2010

This was how the X7 fore grip looks before the project.

My Tippmann X7

Just started my X7 Tippmann extended foregrip project today. The project is rather unique as the items I have choosen to use are not 2 units X7 foregrips but rather one X7 fore grip and another Phenom fore grip.