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Friday, November 14, 2014

Full Float Rotor for the Frankenbike

Decided to go Full Float Rotor (Front 180 and rear 160) for the Frankenbike. can say that after last weeks Kamensah ride that the full float rotors does make a lot of difference when you do very demanding down hill ascends as it does help with the cooling of the rotors and this results in less fading of the brakes, Plus it looks so cool on the frankenbike.

Picture of the 160mm standard fixed 1 piece rotor previously installed on the bike. Yes the Avid HSX is about 3X more expensive then the conventional 1 piece rotor but it performs so much better. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Giro Privateer in da hous

Added a new pair of GIRO privateer into the stable of GIRO cycling foot wear.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Going the 27.5 Frankenbike Way.

Finally decided to go for the 27.5 Frankenbike way. Experimenting on the 27.5 front and a 26 rear rim/tire configuration. first outing proved to be an eye opener to how the 27.5 differ to the 26 when handling obstacles. the 27.5 roll over the obstacle better than a 26 which pretty much looses its composure after going over obstacles of a certain limited size. this equates to a better handling bike when performing a technical climb.

I choose the 27.5 ZTR Crest rims which was super light and I paired the Black ZTR rims with the LEFTY 32H hubs from Circus Monkey (Metallic red) all this was laced up with black DT Swiss Stainless Steel Butted Spokes. Nothing like a custom build wheel to quench a bike builder's thirst.  The Frankenbike is stopped by a 180mm Avid HSX full floating, heat dissipating black Rotor.