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Monday, November 10, 2014

Going the 27.5 Frankenbike Way.

Finally decided to go for the 27.5 Frankenbike way. Experimenting on the 27.5 front and a 26 rear rim/tire configuration. first outing proved to be an eye opener to how the 27.5 differ to the 26 when handling obstacles. the 27.5 roll over the obstacle better than a 26 which pretty much looses its composure after going over obstacles of a certain limited size. this equates to a better handling bike when performing a technical climb.

I choose the 27.5 ZTR Crest rims which was super light and I paired the Black ZTR rims with the LEFTY 32H hubs from Circus Monkey (Metallic red) all this was laced up with black DT Swiss Stainless Steel Butted Spokes. Nothing like a custom build wheel to quench a bike builder's thirst.  The Frankenbike is stopped by a 180mm Avid HSX full floating, heat dissipating black Rotor.