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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Magnum Sidewinder Combat Hpi MultiCam®

Magnum Sidewinder Combat Hpi MultiCam® has arrived. Snugly packed in a doubled layered box, the Magnum Sidewinder Combat Hpi MultiCam® is indeed a sight for sore eyes for boot users when you first set your eyes upon this beautiful boot. BTW Congratulations to Magnum Boots for winning the SATRA Award for the Magnum Sidewinder Combat Hpi MultiCam® Boots.
 Essential equipment indeed.....
 Quality of the exterior of the boot is impressive. I have owned several pairs of tactical & riding boots but I was impressed with the detailed MultiCam® print on the Magnum Sidewinder. Even the Vibram sole has the MultiCam® pattern imprinted. Even the eyelets follows the color scheme and is consistent with the MultiCam® pattern. Will make spotting me more difficult in the play field.

 The Vibram sole is nicely printed with the MultiCam® pattern and is super grippy.
 Can tell that Magnum is a company that prides itself with great products of exceptional quality when its Chairman Frank Van Wezel greets you with a personalized message and leaves his e-mail address on the cover of the box.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact

The Cyclops just got new shoes just as she clocks in at 31,700km on the odometer in a form of Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact for both front and back tires. The Z8 is a touring 3 zone 2 compound tire which is designed for mileage and traction in wet and dry conditions.

The Z8 boast of a new High Silica compound with Nano particles ensures performance and safety in all weather conditions.

 Rear tire looks similar to the M5 but with more grooves. With Multi Zone Tension Steel Belt features a higher stiffness than textile and this allows the reduction of the tire weight. Steel radial belt reduces the dynamic deformation of the tyre under centrifugal forces giving  the tyre an excellent high-speed stability. Thanks to the more uniform heat distribution, mileage is increased and wear characteristics are more uniform

Monday, December 2, 2013

Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact usage update...

Its been slightly more than a year after switching over to the Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact and 9000Km later. the M5 is still rock solidwith about 5% left on the threads.

Maximum wear within the 2 & 3 tire wear indicator areas as I have used the bike primarily for day to day work and where the roads are high in traffic and relatively straight with minimum chances for lean angles. Will need to change the M5 soon maybe to another more cost effective set of touring tires. Experience has been tip top throughout the 1 year span utilizing the M5 only reason why I will not be returning for another pair is the high price of the M5 in Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plasti dipped 45 degree Regulator fitting mod for the ETEK3

Please note that the Mods in my blog are meant for recreation and great care is put in during the use of this equipment to ensure that it does not endanger anybody during usage. These paintball equipment is used only in sanctioned paintball fields.


Manage to squeeze some time to perform this mod. Components needed:
- 45 Degree NPT Macro line fitting
- Teflon tape
- Straight Macro line fitting

I started with the 45 Deg macro line fitting. Did not like the angular shape of the fitting so I used a dremmel tool to make the edges rounder. Next I mounted the straight fitting to the female part of the 45 deg fitting, I used some Teflon tape to ensure that the air does not leak at the joint. Finally this combination part is screwed onto the ETEk3 Regulator again some Teflon tape is used on the thread to ensure a proper seal.

For aesthetic, I used Plastidip paint to coat the chrome parts of the fittings. Finally the existing macro line needs to be shortened about 1 cm to accommodate the new fittings. I finally gassed up the ETEK3 to test for leaks. Was relieved to see that the setup was good and everything is properly sealed.

Current Mod list to the ETEK3 AM:
- Pooty modded Cure3 Bolt.
- Virtue LED Re-Defined board
- Virtue Laser eyes.
- Planet Eclipse POPs on/off ASA
- 45 degree Regulator fitting 
- ZICK 2 Rammer
- Critical 1000G barrel
- APEX2 with Deadly Winds Carbon Fiber Skin
- Deadly Winds Fusion Adapter for APEX2 - Mounts nicely to the PE Standard ETEK 3 Shaft barrel.

This was the combi part before it was Plasti Dipped.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Virtue Redefined LED board and virtue laser eye installed

Please note that the Mods in my blog are meant for recreation and great care is put in during the use of this equipment to ensure that it does not endanger anybody during usage. These paintball equipment is used only in sanctioned paintball fields.

Virtue redefined board and virtue laser eye installed. The process of installing the board is quite simple. Can't wait to field test the board. Programming the board is so simple. Currently the Etek3 is set at NXL Style Full Auto at Max Rate Of Fire at 20 bps.

Love the light show when the laser eyes are turned on.......

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mobium elite....

Just bought the Mobium Elite from Bandar Utama PUMA outlet at an amazing price. Have not had the chance to put the Mobium to the test just yet however the first impression when you put it on, you would feel that the shoe is very light, snug and comfortable for sock less runners like myself.. Will do a a short review once I get the chance

Friday, November 15, 2013

Exalt regulator grip added

Just installed the Exalt regulator grip onto the ETEK3. Color I choose .... camo. To blend I to the dye rotor and the camo exalt tank guard which is in transit currently. The regulator grip is very comfortable and makes the removal of the regulator much easier with the much improved grip.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Deadlywind Reskin Apex2 Carbon Fiber Cover and Fusion adapter - Mount an Apex2 tip

Field tested the Deadlywind Reskin Apex2 Carbon Fiber Cover adapter and Deadlywind Apex2 tip Mount. Was looking for a fast and light solution for mounting the Apex2 tip to my ETEK3 AM barrel. Found the Deadlywind apex2 adapter mount to be the perfect solution for what I was looking for but just mounting the apex tip to the adapter prooved to be too heavy and made the marker too front heavy due to the weight of the aluminum apex2 skin. Hence I procured the deadlywind StinkOps Reskin. Made of real carbon fiber, it is approx 1.5oz lighter than the stock aluminum one. The combination is really effective and light enough to serve my purpose

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ZICK 2 upgrade for the ETEK 3

Upgraded the ETEK3 with the much sought after ZICK2 Rammer and the ZICK2 end cap.
Experienced noticable difference in the smoother operation and less kick as compared to the original ZICK rammer. Below is the picture taken with the ZICK & the ZICK 2 Rammer & end cap taken side by side. 

The ZICK2 has a 3-Stage damping effect on the rear stroke, utilizing an air cushion, a hollow-domed PU shock absorbing cushion and a solid final-stop PU bumper. You will notice less kick and a more efficient air when you switch to the ZICK2.

ZICK2 End Cap also has a taller profile and has a different contct surface which will make the marker more effiiant.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Planet Eclipse 2011 POPS (Push On Purge System) System On/Off ASA

Just Installed the Planet Eclipse 2011 POPS (Push On Purge System) System On/Off ASA - Dust Black on my ETEK3. Installation was easy, just had to remove the 2 Allen bolt at the bottom of the ETEK3 grip, detach the macro line and slide the old ASA off the rails. Subsequently the macro line needs to be shortened a few mm (I removed about 6-7mm) so that the hose will bend more smoothly to ensure better airflow. Cutting the macro line hose is rather tricky, I tried using a cable cutter but that proved to be a bad idea as it could not give a clean right angled cut for the end of the hose. Then I resorted to trying to cut the hose with my Cold Steel Kobun tactical knife but it did not yield the result I wanted as although the cut was clean but due to the grind of the Tanto blade, it yielded an angled cut which is not (90°) degrees which leaked when I tried to pressurize the marker. A normal scissors could not perform the job as well. Finally I had to use a Paper Cutter blade held at a perpendicular angle to the hose.
My next project is to retrofit a 45° fitting to the regulator so that the macro line will have an even smoother and shorter path from the ASA to the regulator. The main objective of doing this is to have a shortest & smoothest (less angled) path for the air to travel from the source of air which is the Celtic Carbon Fiber HPA tank to the ETEK3's regulator which will hopefully yield an even more consistent air pressure to power each shot.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ETEK 3 AM come with Dye Rotor, Critical 100G .688 2 piece barrel and a Cure4 Pooty modded bolt

First fray into speedball marker commenced with a lightly used Grey ETEK 3 AM which came with a Critical 100G .688 2 piece barrel and a Cure4 Pooty modded bolt. Initial outing with the marker was quite promising. I was quite impressed with the air efficiency and the range of the marker. shot 4 units of 140 round pods & a full 200 pellet hopper with only slightly more then 1000 from my Celtic Paintball 68/4500 CF Tank. Manage to get 2 opfor hits in 3 games.

Subsequently bought an High capacity Dye DyeCam Camo top shell to increase the capacity of the loader from 200 to 250 pellets

This is how the Dye Cubix Grey Rotor looks now ....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Field Tested Sly Valken Profit mask

Last Sunday was a great day in Tanamera Paintball field. Dropped 4 consecutive 'kills' in a game played in the field called Somalia Village which was a CQB scenario type of field. However having the adrenalin rush aster flanking and marking 3 opfor players consecutively only to falter and miss the fourth opfor and slipped resulting in a close exchange of fire. He was behind a bunker and after slipping I was out in the open. The SLY Profit manage to hold its defense and protected my face from being 'Painted'....from my picture you could see the evidence.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Valken SLY Profit V-Cam

Just received the Valken SLY Profit V-Cam delivered by DHL from ebay. been looking for a Multicam colored mask for some time now and the local pro shops do not carry the V-Cam colored model hence order needs to be placed from ebay through seller SportingEarth. Seen in the first & second picture below side by side with the Atlanco Tru-Spec BDU Pants which incidentally is part of my weekly Paintball load out.

First Impression or the Profit was good. Box came intact although it had traveled thousands of kilometers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Being a user of the V-Force Grillz and the JT Carnivore. I can say that the Profit is a very light and well made mask, plus points are the internal padding around the lens and area surrounding the ears. Yet to field test the anti fogging capabilities of the lens but first contact, the lens seem to have good optic clarity.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mechanix wear - M Pact

Mechanix wear M-Pact in da hous. Cant wait to field test the glive after wearing out the Oakley SI gloves for the past 3 years. Please note that the size is slightly bigger as compared to the Oakleys and Fox Gloves. I wear a M sized Oakley SI and a L sized Fox glove. During the field test, they stood up well against paintball hits. Good quality Velcro fasteners prevented straps slipping off during heated play as well.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Techt Squishy paddle, lightning rod and Designz ratchet added

After a weekend of pellets breaking in the cyclone. I had decided to do a Complete Tippmann Cyclone ovehaul. Techt paddle, lightning rod and Designz  aluminium ratchet added.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Celtic fiber tank

Field testing the Celtic fiber tank from korea. Outcome was very satisfying.  The celtic paintball tank performs just as well as any more well known tank such as stako and Ninja to maintain the constant pressure and weight just as light.

Phenom parts tray

Had a faulty O ring today in the field so the flex valve had to be taken apart to locate the nasty O ring.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Grip

Mounted the Picatinny Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Grip onto the Phenom. Some material had to be removed from the top part of the Phenom assault fore grip to make it fit as it was not exactly mil-spec. The RVG felt very comfortable to the initial touch. Will be field testing the RVG tomorrow for durability and comfort.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lightning Feed for Phenom X7

Lightning Feed just stalled on the low profile cyclone hopper. Thinking of spray painting the hopper with Krylon Tan color. ..!

Lapco Big Shot in Da Houze

LAPCO Big Shot Apex ready barrel finally arrived.... thanks ansgear. Can't wait to field test the .690 barrel. Mounting the Apex 2 barrel was a cinch. The porting hole is hidden by the lower part of the Apex, hope it does not cause any issues.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rufus Dawg Gripper Skin Grip for X7 Phenom

Just slapped on the Rufus Dawg gripper skin  grip. Used previously on my old X7. Ordered the grey colored unit this time as thet do not have any brown or tan colored ones. Gives a more confident and comfortable hold on the Phenom as well as keeps the battery cap intact.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Assault Grip and APEX 2 Tip installed

Assault grip from X7 snd the Apex 2 Tp added to the standard Phenom barrel using silicon insulation tape wound around the front tip if the Phenom barrel. Both barrel and apex 2 wrapped with multicam cotton wraps.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Magpul PMAG Polymer magazine mod

Magpul magazine mod done using a Tippy M16 short mag base fused to a Magpul PMAG magazine complete with a PMAG Ranger Plate . Tested in several games in the field and showed no signs of fatigue or damage.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Method standard M301 installed

Just installed the Method race wheel model standard MR301. Love the Rugged Raw look of the wheel especially the rim protector in a form of bolts along the edge of the wheel.
It really lives to the Method Race Wheels company's philosophy of Lighter Stronger Faster