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Monday, August 22, 2011

Part 4 - Putting it all together

Been putting off documenting the last part of the front end mod too long and was reminded by one of the forumers that Part 4 was missing (thanks Douglas) . So all the parts are already in hand (BOQ as listed below)
1. 04-05 ZX10R fork (1 pair) c/w Shaft & Spacer
2. 08 Versys Lower Triple
3. 08 Z1000 Upper triple
4. Zx14R Nissin Caliper
5. 07 ZX6R Front Fender
6. Omnia Racing (Italy) Street Fighter headlamp (MT03) c/w brackets

Now the parts are sent over to Jing Sheng from our local Superbike Specialist at Sunny Cycles to put them all together. the initial objective was to utilize the ZX10R lower triple that came with the fork but later decided to Ream out 2mm from the fork clamp of the Versys Lower Triple after seeing that that less effort needs to be put in for the following:
1. Steering stop position was identical to the ER6N
- Steering stopper needs to be added if ZX10 lower triple was used
2. Steering Stem was Identical in length to the ER6N
- Steering stem needs to be Hydraulically pressed out and swapped with the Versys/ER6N if ZX10R lower triple was used
3. Plenty of material at the Versys Lower triple to accommodate the 2mm removed at the clamp to install the 54mm ZX10R fork.

Hence my initial effort of Mirror Polishing the ZX10R lower triple was in vain..but later found the black finishing of the Versys fork to esthetically look better then the polished ZX10R lower triple.

Day 1-7
The Reaming of the Versys fork took about a week as the Machinist had some difficulty in completing the task due to the shape of the triple which has a non linear shape for clamping to a Lathe machine.

Day 8-9
After the Versys Triple had returned brom the machine shop, the rest of the assembly was quite easy, just ha
ving to bolt on the Lower clamp to the ER6n frame , sliding the fork in and installing the Z1000 upper triple (ignition was earlier grinded out from the ER6n upper triple before bolting on the Z1000 triple). Was glad to find out that the Ignition stop position of the ER6n & Z1000 was identical as researched earlier. The handlebar Stop of the versys also lined up with the ER6n Frame without any alteration. ZX10R fork fits just nicely within the Side Shrouds when the handlebar was turned to the extreme left and right (Someone had told me earlier that the Zx10R fork cannot be used as it will get in the way of the shroud-glad to find out that its not) with about 3-4mm to spare.

Next the Zx14R caliper was bolted on the fork and the Er6n wheel (with the rotors still installed) was installed. I had the option of having 2 sets of Spacer (ER6n & ZX10R) to try and was quite sure that either one could work. Sure enough the ZX10R spacer was a perfect fit and Wheel, Rotor & Caliper lined up perfectly with just the installation of the brake hose to complete the brake install.

Finally the Omnia Racing MT03 headlights was installed but prior to that the brackets need to be fabricated to mount the Headlights, a lower position was selected to give the Er6n a more hunkered down look in contrast with the rest of the other Er6n Mods that uses the MT03 headlights which mounted the headlights at a upper position (Nearer to the upper triple). Most mods which objective was to create a Super Moto type of Er6n will have a high position headlight mounted and the meter (OEM or custom) to be relocated usually behind the handlebar in oppose to the OEM position in front of the handlebar. The OEM meter mounting was used with some slight changes (Cable management routes were removed) to speed up the whole process.

The whole assembly & bracket fabrication took merely 2 days to complete after the machinist had completed the reaming of the lower
triple, in total the entire process took approximately 9 days.