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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ER6n-R Mod - Front End Mod - 2 Day Ride Review

Second day commuting with the ER6n-R (R for Race mod) to work and found the bike to be handling better then when the bike was running with the standard 41mm Telescopic fork. The bike seems to be absorbing the bumps and jolts from the road better then before. Noticed that I was not bobbing up & down so much while riding across the uneven surfaces especially on secondary roads & bike lanes around KL. The Fast & Slow speed dampening capability of the ZX10R fork is amazing. Initially I was concerned how the ZX10r fork initially designed for a bike which is nearly double the horse power capability of the ER6n would behave. Eventually feeling more confident after realizing that the weight similarities of both the bike (Er6-n at 178kg to Zx10R at 170kg) and found the Er-6 to be 8 kgs heavier then the Zx10r probably due to its steel swingarm & trellis frame. The 43 mm inverted fork with top-out springs from the ZX10r would in fact benefit the handling of the ER6-n due to its full adjustability & stiffness of the Kayaba fork.