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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Öhlins H0115 in a ER6N Part 2 - Its finally installed

Finally after 3 weeks in the shop for complete refurbishment which include replacement of all seals, oil & steel braided hose.The H0115 shock meant for CBR 600 from Öhlins is finally installed on the ER6N, appeared that the 140 Spring rate meant for the F4 is suitable with my weight (70kg) configuration. Amongst the modifications needed to mount the H0115 on the ER6n is as follows:
- Mounting holes needs to be enlarged from an M10 to M12
- Öhlins Spacers needs to be milled thinner to fit the Versys swingarm mount.
- Standard Spacer M12 (2 X 1mm) needs to be added for the frame mount.

Now the rear of the bike is 5mm taller giving the bike a steeper Rake and a shorter Trail. Bike now feels sharper and faster when entering corners.

Comparison between the 2 Öhlins shock absorber kit
KA 602 for Kawasaki ER-6 AND the Öhlins shock absorber kit
HO 115 for Honda CBR 600

Set-up data for KA602 (ER6n)
Shock absorber length 290.5 mm
Shock absorber stroke 56.5 mm
Spring Pre-load 8 mm
Rebound damping 16 clicks

Setup data for H0115 (CBR600)
Shock absorber length 290 (+12/-0) mm
Shock absorber stroke 51 mm
Spring Pre-load 10 mm
Rebound damping adjuster 8 clicks
Compression damping adj. 10 clicks

As you can see the H0115 has a variable length (+12/-0) mm meaning it could be lengthen another 12mm longer and it has an additional Compression Damping capabilities.

The damping capability of the bike feels amazing, immediately noticeable the moment you ride the bike. Bumps and potholes gets soaked up by this amazing shock. From the pictures you could see that shock mounted right way up instead of the upside down config of the KA602 (Öhlins shock for the ER6n) this orientation is chosen to compensate the routing of the steel braided hose of the Compression Damping Canister which is mounted on the left side of the bike with a rubber base and a stainless steel clamp.