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Monday, November 7, 2011

Handle Bar Mounting The Speedo Meter

Long Weekend in Malaysia was spend with Family and spare time fabricating a Handle Bar mount for the ER6n Speedo. Idea was conceptualized after the launch of the 2012 ER6n where the newly launched ER6n has the speedo mounted on the handle bar. Mounting a speedo on the handlebar is nothing new, bicycles speedos have been handlebar mounted since 80s (Cateye) but a motorcycle speedo is significantly bigger and heavier. Hence a beefier mount is needed, so the journey to rummage through the internet to find a mount that will do the job commenced. Eventually found a mount from Kuryakyn that looks sturdy enough for the role. Next was finding a method to adapt Kuryakyn mount to the ER6n Speedo. A Carbon Fiber adapter was finally fabricated from the leftover material used for the Heel Guard project that was completed 2 weeks ago. Quite happy with the end result of the Mod as the bike cockpit now looks neater with the entire frontal area 'opened up' , bike stance looks meaner as well.

Next ...I was thinkin of fabricating a windshield from a left over ZX7R double bubble unit that i have in the store room. This is to close up the 'Gap' previously taken by the frontal mounted speedo.