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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kawasaki ER6n-R ZX10R Front End Mod Part 2 - Caliper Selection

After Selecting the fork based on a Zx10R model, next comes the stage where the replacement caliper for the ER6-n will be selected. The ER6-n comes with a pair of axially mounted Tokico Dual Port Caliper which is known to fade when the ride gets harder or longer and living in a hot and humid country does not help. Upgrading to a Radially mounted caliper would be the most academic choice however there are so many radially mounted brakes out there. A modder nowadays would be spoil for choice when is comes to radial brake caliper selection. The 3 main OEM brand in the market would be Tokico, Nissin & Brembo. I eventually selected the Nissin Calipers from the 2009 Zx6R or you can also opt for Calipers from a 2009 Zx14R (They are identical by the way) due to the following reasons:
  • Stronger braking power from its twin domed shaped pistons
  • Direct bolt on as the ZX6R/ZX14R has the same rotor size as the ER6-n at 300mm
  • It will be painted Gold to compliment the color of the Zx10R fork.