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Monday, September 23, 2013

Field Tested Sly Valken Profit mask

Last Sunday was a great day in Tanamera Paintball field. Dropped 4 consecutive 'kills' in a game played in the field called Somalia Village which was a CQB scenario type of field. However having the adrenalin rush aster flanking and marking 3 opfor players consecutively only to falter and miss the fourth opfor and slipped resulting in a close exchange of fire. He was behind a bunker and after slipping I was out in the open. The SLY Profit manage to hold its defense and protected my face from being 'Painted'....from my picture you could see the evidence.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Valken SLY Profit V-Cam

Just received the Valken SLY Profit V-Cam delivered by DHL from ebay. been looking for a Multicam colored mask for some time now and the local pro shops do not carry the V-Cam colored model hence order needs to be placed from ebay through seller SportingEarth. Seen in the first & second picture below side by side with the Atlanco Tru-Spec BDU Pants which incidentally is part of my weekly Paintball load out.

First Impression or the Profit was good. Box came intact although it had traveled thousands of kilometers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Being a user of the V-Force Grillz and the JT Carnivore. I can say that the Profit is a very light and well made mask, plus points are the internal padding around the lens and area surrounding the ears. Yet to field test the anti fogging capabilities of the lens but first contact, the lens seem to have good optic clarity.