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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

First ride with the Elemnt Bolt was awesome... visibility of the display at night was amazing

Friday, September 29, 2017

Dura Ace 9100 crankset upgraded

Dura Ace 9100 crankset it worth the effort . Test ride tomorrow to find out..

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Difference between a working and a burnt denso radiator fan

In this new post I will try to illustrate the difference between a working and a burnt Motorcycle denso radiator fan used by Kawasaki, Yamaha and some other bike manufacturers.

Below is an example of a burnt fin on the Rotor (Notice the black oxidized area around the shaft)

This however is an example of a good working Rotor (Notice the area around the shaft which is clean of any oxidization) and also the magnet which is still in good clean condition.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Can't wait to try out the Astute Skylite VT...
Some Updates on the comfort of the Skylite VT Seat....Just did approximately 211km from 3 rides over the last week end and I am happy to update that the seat performs flawlessly. It has enough firmness to provide the proper contact of the rider to the bicycle at the same time does not give the floating effect of some thickly padded touring seats. Completed both GCE & Rapha Gohtong Jaya ride without having to use any chamois cream. Absolute value for money. Bought the Astute from Bigbike66 a trustworthy ebay merchant from Bangkok, Thailand. After exhausting all my efforts in getting the black and red Astute seat from Kuala Lumpur. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Labour Day Weekend PCC Ride 2017 (140km)

Another epic ride coming up in 2 weeks time...Labour Day Weekend PCC Ride 140km will take the participants through Batu 18 (start) - Batu 14 - Bukit Hantu - Broga town - Lenggeng town - Famous Jeram Toi/Bukit Tangga climb - Kuala Klawang - Perez -  and finally back at Batu 18 town (End).

For those riding that day with PCC here is a link to the route.

Labour Day Weekend PCC Ride 140km

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Latest picture of the BMC SLR02 with Zipp 303 Clincher laced to the White industries hub 

Clincher Triple Tube Killer

Even a small shard of glass can wreak havoc to your sunday morning ride. Totally destroying 3 inner tubes, even the most skillful bike shop mechanic could not even find this shard of glass that is embedded into the thick top wall of my front Tufo Calibra clincher tire.

One englishman even called it know who you are....

Monday, February 27, 2017

First Outing for Custom Wheel Zipp 303 with White Industries T11 Hub - Bt18 Genting Perez

Sunday 26 Feb 2017 was the first outing for the Custom Wheel Zipp 303 with White Industries T11 Hub. Combination of the Custom Zipp 303 Wheel with White Industries T11 Hub performed amicably for the hilly 79.5km BT.18 Genting Perez route. Absorbing most of the jarring bumps along the winding road, at the same time maintaining a very rigid and responsive feel on the climbs. The Ultegra Di2 was not tuned well after the wheel swap from the Venn wheelset I was testing a week ago but was easily configured on the fly using the adjustment mode on the Di2 on the Junction Box A mounted below the handle stem. Few clicks on the rear shifter and the clicking sound emitting from the RD was soon a thing of the past. Weather was perfect with the mist just hanging post the early morning shower and was clearly visible when we reached the summit of Genting Perez.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First Outing with the Ultegra Di2 Fitted BMC SLR02

First Outing with the Ultegra Di2 Fitted BMC SLR02. Decided to tag along PCC Malaysia on their usual sunday ride to Bestari jaya via Jln Kuala Selangor. The group started the ride aprox 7.30am after a short brief by the ride leader. Pace was manageable and the peleton eventually was split into a few groups with riders riding at their own pace but eventually regrouped at Ijok Petronas Station before turning right into Jln Bukit Badong. After the peleton regrouped we finally was on our way to Bestari Jaya for Won Ton Mee breakfast.  We were the first group to arrive hence we had assisted the coffee shop to setup the bike rack.Eventually more riders from other groups arrived from P2K.

After the scrumptious breakfast, the group proceeded to ride back using the same route we used via Jalan Kuala Selangor and eventually arriving at Guthrie Corridor Expressway where we rode along the motor lane for about 25km before arriving back at Mydin Bukit Jelutong. Below is the ride report from my Garmin Connect. Overall the Ultegra Di2 performed beautifully without skipping any gears shifts but due to the numbness of my left arm at the end of the ride,i had downshifted instead of upshifting during some of the hill climbs near bukit Jelutong. Still getting used to the closeness of the 2 right shifter levers that shifts the RD.

The Venn ALTER wheels was also pleasant to ride. Not behaving too harshly like some of my previous experience with other high profile wheels. The ALTER being a Full Carbon 44mm Profile wheel, did not feel too bumpy or non compliant when it was ridden on the back road such Jalan Kuala Selangor and Jalan Bukit Badong. I suppose being setup as a tubeless wheel running low pressure did increase its comfort level. The White Industries T11 hub was flawless holding up the ALTER hoops throughout the 77.72 km ride. Spinning so smoothly just emitting a low decibel tick when freewheeling. Can't wait to ride my White Industries T11 equipped Zipp 303 wheelset when Ah Keong has finished building it at Megabike.

The BTWIN 700 Aerofit Carbon road shoe had also lived to its earlier expectation of being a 'Pro-level Carbon Road Shoe at an affordable price ' after all ..if its good enough for Pro Team FDJ, it should be good enough for an amateur cyclist such as myself. The super stiff carbon sole and the 2 ATOP dials did their job well to keep me comfortably on the bike the entire ride.

Thanks again to PCC Malaysia for hosting such an enjoyable ride and keeping everybody safe.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Black and white

Testing the ultegra Di2 6870 and the BTWIN carbon road shoe...possibly the 1st pair in Malaysia...local Decathlon outlet is yet to bring in this shoe. Also will be the first outing with the ALTER carbon wheel matted to the White Industries courtesy of Megabike for a road test. BMC SLR02 outing with PCC tomorrow to bestari jaya..80km

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Zipp 303 paired with White industry hub wheel

Custom Zipp 303 hoops paired with Red colored White Industries T11 hubs in progress....done by master wheel builders at Megabike. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Look... its Time to MAX your Blade

Just swapped out my LOOK KEO Max carbon for the LOOK KEO 2 Max Blade. Initial ride with the pedal feels good with a wider base of contact with the cleat rider feels more secure and feeling of the pedal under the shoe is more pronounced. Read some review saying the engagement of the clip is too harsh but I felt that the Blade clip engagement is more subtle with a loud click when secured.

BMC Craze is on...

BMC Craze is on. Start collecting BMC Race kits...

And Socks