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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ohlins H0115 in a ER6N

Next .. getting a Ohlins H0115 (From CBR600 F2) mounted and sprung for the ER6N....
140 Spring rate is way too hard for the ER6N. Since the YSS springs are of the same ID & OD as the Ohlins, might be using the YSS 95 or 100 Springs for replacement. BTW, I am a 71 Kg rider without gear. Manage to find this Spring Rate chart from the Kawiforum. Still trying to figure out how to effectively use it.

Versys Swing Arm upgrade

Stay tuned..Versys swingarm upgrade in progress. Latest update...the ER6N rear axle thought to be too short is incorrect. Actual situation is that it is too long. A versys rear axle now needs to be purchased for the upgrade.

Work in progress pictures...

Everything bolted on..took only <1 day for the tech guys (Jing Sheng) to mount everything on. No modification, only added spacer for the right OEM foot peg (Race Rearsets have yet to arrive).

Notice the Axle protruding, ER6N axle appears to be too long...looks like some spacer will need to be added while waiting for the new Versys axle to arrive.

This picture shows the rearset spacer added to clear the swingarm

Some updated Pictures after the bike has hit the roads...initial 5 KM ride to the office..I could not feel any difference as the bike was upright most of the time. Height is identical with the ER6N Absorbers in place. Will need some twisties to put the swingarm to test. In addition to the Swingarm mod, the nozzle of the Akrapovic slip on was also removed for a fiercer look.

ER6-N with a slippery Clutch ?

Apparently the ER6-N can be equipped with a slipper clutch (also known as a slider clutch or back-torque limiter). Very technical discussions with the Race prep guru's at Sunny Moto revealed that the Slippery clutch from a ZX6R 05-06 or ZX6RR 03-04 could be used as they share the same Basket architecture. A spacer would need to be fabricated to ligate the ZX6R basket to fit the ER6N system. The parts diagram attached below shows both the ZX6R & the ER6N clutch digram side by side to show the difference in configuration. Will provide more updates once the 05 ZX6R clutch basket arrives and the project is on its way.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinese ER-6...?

Just read an article from VisorDown's website about a Chinese Bike manufacturer CF Moto that had just released a 650cc parallel twin machine that closely resembles the ER6-N. Even the layout of the engine components and the frame look identical. Quiet impressive is the dual level seat that even Kawasaki is yet to make available to the ER6-N, 2012 version of ER6-N maybe....?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gear Change Upgrade - EK9 Shift Linkage

After suffering continuous issues with the EK4 shift linkage , I had decided on replacing it with a Civic Type R Shift linkage assembly. Installation is merely a 30 minute affair. The Type R linkage appears to be more sturdy with a larger diameter tubing and a sturdier link assembly. The throw feels shorter and gear shift feels more precise.

Traction Upgrade - Type R Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Another new addition to my Ride is the Type R induction-type helical LSD ..below is a brief description to what an LSD is about ...

On every car a basic differential is fitted to distribute the engine's power to the driving wheels. The basic differential gear supplies the power to the wheels which is/are loaded with least resistance. This allows the car's wheels to run at different speeds in a turn with least resistance. However, when a car is cornering close to it's limit, the car will exhibit roll, a leaning to one side, causing the inside tire(s) to lose forward traction and lateral grip. The wheels lift and cause excessive spin because of lack of downward force or weight distribution. This wheel spin is useless for acceleration until the tire(s) regain traction and start to translate the power to the ground. Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is needed to alleviate this wheelspin.

Extracted from KAAZ Usa Website - Kaaz Corporation is the top brand name manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) for racing and street performance

Headlight GT HID upgrade

Just installed the HID conversion kit from GT which utilized a 6000K Xenon bulb. Packaging was impressive as it comes with a hard box type of container with individual slots for each component. The Ballast is a Generation 3 type of ballast with a small form factor which has CE & E4 approval. Small enough to be installed into some Fog lights mounted in some K Car bumpers. The wiring was amply wrapped in cable protection tubing and the termination of the connection cables into the Ballast looks neat and extrudes quality. Installation was done by Infiniti Accessory shop at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Overall it took them about an hour to wire the GT HID, test, configure & tune the elevation & direction of the Xenon beam.

Engine Management GReddy e-manage

With the addition of many after market parts & Type R components. It was time to finally put them all in synchrony by installing a engine management system (EMS). Considered both the Apexi VAFCII & the GReddy e-manage and finally settled with the emanage as it boast of more feature and less vulnerable to theft as it can be concealed. Installed at Spoon Sport as well and tuned initially by them & subsequently by Amoil. Installation of the e-manage proved to be useful for both fuel economy and further increase of wheel horse power. In addition to acquiring the e-manage, the support tools which comprises of the USB cable & the software was also require to enable some DIY of the ignition timings & the AFR adjustments. Current settings using e-manage firmware 1.25 and considering version 1.49 soon.


I have moved over my Honda Civic LS-VTEC blogs which were previously hosted in another site.

Honda Civic LS-VTEC Journey
Over Bored Throttle Body

Next on my mod list was the Civic Type R Throttle body. Measuring in at 60mm the CTR throttle body was restricting the air flow to the Intake manifold and the VTEC engine is not "breathing" properly. So the next mod was to get it bored to 62mm to get a better air flow into the engine. It took 2 days for the machine shop to get it done. The Valve was also replace to accommodate the bigger barrel, as to ensure that there was no leakage. Feeling after installation was there was more torque in the mid to low RPMs. However more tuning needed to be done on the Greddy Emanage now that more air is coming into the engine, the Air Fuel ratio needs to be re-adjusted as well.

Piston INFO

Here are a few Compression Ratios relating to B16a heads on LS/VTECs courtesy of some calculating done by David Newman of the Hybrid Boards in an email he sent me...

"Well, first off, with what I've figured out in the past, compression ratios go for the following with LS/VTEC motors:
9.6:1 - P74 LS Pistons
10.0:1 - P72 GSR Pistons
10.8:1 - P73 US ITR Pistons
11.0:1 - P73 JDM ITR Pistons
11.5:1 - PR3 Pistons
11.7:1 - P30 Pistons
12.4:1 - CTR Pistons

DMV Frame cover

Just installed the DMV frame cover. Quality of the item is good and the fit is amazingly snug, a rubber mallet is used to tap the cover into place. I choose the gold colored finish to compliment the front fork. I feel that the addition of the cover/plug will add some quality finishing to the original plastic cover that comes standard with the ER6n.