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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Engine Management GReddy e-manage

With the addition of many after market parts & Type R components. It was time to finally put them all in synchrony by installing a engine management system (EMS). Considered both the Apexi VAFCII & the GReddy e-manage and finally settled with the emanage as it boast of more feature and less vulnerable to theft as it can be concealed. Installed at Spoon Sport as well and tuned initially by them & subsequently by Amoil. Installation of the e-manage proved to be useful for both fuel economy and further increase of wheel horse power. In addition to acquiring the e-manage, the support tools which comprises of the USB cable & the software was also require to enable some DIY of the ignition timings & the AFR adjustments. Current settings using e-manage firmware 1.25 and considering version 1.49 soon.