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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Versys Swing Arm upgrade

Stay tuned..Versys swingarm upgrade in progress. Latest update...the ER6N rear axle thought to be too short is incorrect. Actual situation is that it is too long. A versys rear axle now needs to be purchased for the upgrade.

Work in progress pictures...

Everything bolted on..took only <1 day for the tech guys (Jing Sheng) to mount everything on. No modification, only added spacer for the right OEM foot peg (Race Rearsets have yet to arrive).

Notice the Axle protruding, ER6N axle appears to be too long...looks like some spacer will need to be added while waiting for the new Versys axle to arrive.

This picture shows the rearset spacer added to clear the swingarm

Some updated Pictures after the bike has hit the roads...initial 5 KM ride to the office..I could not feel any difference as the bike was upright most of the time. Height is identical with the ER6N Absorbers in place. Will need some twisties to put the swingarm to test. In addition to the Swingarm mod, the nozzle of the Akrapovic slip on was also removed for a fiercer look.