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Friday, January 23, 2015

Carver 420 Lefty Build complete

Just completed the Carver 420 Lefty Build and the ride is phenomenal.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Difference between 2x10 and 3x10 SRAM front derailleur cages

Seen a lot of discussions around the difference between a SRAM X9 2x10 and a 3x10 front derailleur. One significant difference is the cage length and width. The X9 3x10 (upper pics) cage appears to be wider and longer in length than the 2x10 (lower) cage. 

Carver 420 Lefty Build

Just started another new build project. This time its a Carver 420 titanium frame size 17. Carver 420 frame geometry uses the short chain-stay frame style and Paragon Machine Works sliding drop out inserts. The Paragon Machine Works sliding drop out inserts will allow the frame to accept both 29 and 27.5 wheels. Unique feature of the frame is the bending seat tube which enables the shorter chain stay to be used, an inherent problem with 29er type of frames is the larger frame geometry that makes it cumbersome to maneuver in tight technical trails.