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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kawasaki ER6n-R ZX10R Front End Mod Part 3 - Which Triple Tree ?

After selecting the Fork and the caliper, next comes the hardest part of the whole equation..choosing the right triple tree. Now most mod websites will not highlight the consequence of selecting a wrong triple tree and most modders will have to learn the hard way...trial by error. What can go wrong if you select a wrong Triple. Well a number of things, namely:
  • You will have to do some modification to accommodate the steering stops, alter too much and you will compromise the strength of the triple tree member.
  • One has to forgo the original steering lock position or even live without having a steering lock altogether after the mod.
I had chosen to go for combination of Versys Lower triple coupled with a Z1000 upper triple for a number of reasons. First of all I wanted to retain the use of the Renthal type handlebar hence the Z1000 triple was selected. In addition to that, the diameter & the position of the Z1000 switch ignition barrel is identical to that of the Er6-n.

As you can see the Steering lock is engaged at the same position as the original ER6-n.