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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blue Xenon Bulbs on the ER6-N

Many have asked me of the possible usage of the Blue Xenon Bulbs on the ER6-N and the clear answer is yes its possible to utilize the Blue Xenon Bulbs on the ER6-N without effecting the Voltage rectifier of the motorcycle but the right bulb must be chosen. The right configuration would be 12V & 55/60W, I am currently using the 5000K light temperature type of bulb . DO NOT install the 100W type of Xenon bulbs as they will damage your electrical system of your motorcycle. I am using the MT03 headlamp which is using the H4 format bulbs but if you are using the original headlight for the ER6-N 09-10 then it would be the H11 type of bulb. The Blue Xenon Bulbs claimed to be 60% brighter then OEM halogen bulbs and is more friendly on the plastics of the headlight as it removes the plastic damaging UVA (long wave -Ultraviolet A) light.
Oh By the way, I am also using a Blue halogen auxiliary bulb for the added blue effect.