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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Deadlywind Reskin Apex2 Carbon Fiber Cover and Fusion adapter - Mount an Apex2 tip

Field tested the Deadlywind Reskin Apex2 Carbon Fiber Cover adapter and Deadlywind Apex2 tip Mount. Was looking for a fast and light solution for mounting the Apex2 tip to my ETEK3 AM barrel. Found the Deadlywind apex2 adapter mount to be the perfect solution for what I was looking for but just mounting the apex tip to the adapter prooved to be too heavy and made the marker too front heavy due to the weight of the aluminum apex2 skin. Hence I procured the deadlywind StinkOps Reskin. Made of real carbon fiber, it is approx 1.5oz lighter than the stock aluminum one. The combination is really effective and light enough to serve my purpose