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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Planet Eclipse 2011 POPS (Push On Purge System) System On/Off ASA

Just Installed the Planet Eclipse 2011 POPS (Push On Purge System) System On/Off ASA - Dust Black on my ETEK3. Installation was easy, just had to remove the 2 Allen bolt at the bottom of the ETEK3 grip, detach the macro line and slide the old ASA off the rails. Subsequently the macro line needs to be shortened a few mm (I removed about 6-7mm) so that the hose will bend more smoothly to ensure better airflow. Cutting the macro line hose is rather tricky, I tried using a cable cutter but that proved to be a bad idea as it could not give a clean right angled cut for the end of the hose. Then I resorted to trying to cut the hose with my Cold Steel Kobun tactical knife but it did not yield the result I wanted as although the cut was clean but due to the grind of the Tanto blade, it yielded an angled cut which is not (90°) degrees which leaked when I tried to pressurize the marker. A normal scissors could not perform the job as well. Finally I had to use a Paper Cutter blade held at a perpendicular angle to the hose.
My next project is to retrofit a 45° fitting to the regulator so that the macro line will have an even smoother and shorter path from the ASA to the regulator. The main objective of doing this is to have a shortest & smoothest (less angled) path for the air to travel from the source of air which is the Celtic Carbon Fiber HPA tank to the ETEK3's regulator which will hopefully yield an even more consistent air pressure to power each shot.