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Thursday, October 6, 2011

ZX10R hugger mod

Fancy having the ZX10R hugger for your ER6n ?....
IMHO the ZX10R has one of the nicest hugger on a sportsbike. Been wanting to include the hugger on my ride for quite a while now since the ZX7R actually. So finnaly got the chance to get one off the bay for a reasonable price. The trick was to mount the 10R hugger onto the Versys swingarm which has a different dimension & mounting points. Finally the most feasable route was to splice the Versys hugger to the ZX10R hugger..literally. Went about getting a Versys hugger (locally manufactured) mounted and subsequently placing the 10R hugger to identify the best way of splicing the two together. Discovered that there are a few mountable point that the 10R hugger could be joined to the versys unit this was done by placing the 10R hugger on top of the Versys hugger. Tried using a 2 Part fast setting epoxy resin initially but an accidental drop test proved that this method alone was not strong enough for the mod. The two parts immediately separated upon contact with the concrete floor from a 3 feet drop. I eventually went with a Rivet & epoxy method eventually. The 10R hugger is now joined to the Versys hugger by 8 reivets at 4 important stress points ( 3 at the swingarm mount points and one at the tip of the hugger). Did another drop test and to my relieve it survived this time around. Dremmeled the joint areas to smooth it out and will eventually cover the entire unit with a layer of 3K Carbon Fiber cloth to hide the imperfection. Will use the time waiting for the arrival of the CF cloth to road test the hugger for weaknesses.