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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brembo Caliper Mod Completed

Brembo Caliper Mod completed. GSXR750 Brembo Mono block caliper & the 310mm ZX10R Rotor mounted on the Cyclops without a glitch, completely plug & play. A last minute addition from a ZX10R OE 70mm Caliper bolt to replace the 60mm ER6n Bolt to hold the taller Brembo caliper was needed. The whole assembly looked so much beefier from the older Nissin Caliper from the ZX14 but surprisingly weights noticeably lighter. Weight reduction came from the lighter Brembo caliper & the 310mm rotor.

First ride feeling.....Right from the workshop, the single finger braking is more possible. Braking feels to be more progressive compared to the ON/OFF feeling of the ZX14 caliper. Guess I will need to let the Brembo  Pads sit into the rotor more, will comment further within a few more days.