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Monday, May 5, 2014

Carbon Fork Steerer Cutting DIY

Carbon Fork steerer cutting DIY

Not quite happy with the initial setup of the cockpit of the Litespeed Firenze. Felt that it was too tall at the front although it was very comfortable but had to look for an optimum position which was aero but comfy as well. Did not have the proper tool for the job so I set up to perform the task with whatever I had at the moment. The tools that I had used:
- Old handle stem with the same diameter (1 1/8)
- Old Fork spacer
- Metal Hack Saw.
- Dremmel Tool

Initially I measured the desired height of the handle while fastened to the fork. Marked the height as well as the measurement. Learnt that the grease from the head part will cause the marking you make to dissappear upon removal later. So remember to measure twice and cut once (Nearly cut the wrong length initially..phew!!). Clamp the old handle stem to the fork and slide the space into place. Then tape the space to the spacer to the handle stem about 1mm below the spot that you will cut so that it does not move around. Proceed to cut the fork at the desired spot ad dremmel off the irregular areas to make sure that the surface is as flat as possible corresponding to the spacer.