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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extended Fore Grip Mod

Extended Fore Grip Mod was done using one X7 fore grip & one Phenom fore grip. Initial work was to fill up the holes at the top of the fore grips with 2 part epoxy as the X7 and Phenom fore grips have a different size & depth although the overall shape is the same.
subsequently after the epoxy had set and dried the work to sand the fore grip takes place. This tasks will be easier if you have a dremmel tool. In my case I started with just plain sand paper but proceed to use a hand drill with a dremmel drill bit.
After the holes are sanded down, I started to cut off the part from the Phenom which attach to marker. The part that was cut off is until the devider. This will give you a flat surface to attach with the X7 fore grip. after cutting the surface needs to be sanded again to ensure that there is a flat & even surface to attach with the X7 fore grip. The two fore grip is later together with epoxy.