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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SCAR with Magpul AFG

SCAR with Magpul AFG
The following is the list of components used in the SCAR with Magpul AFG
- Dboys SCAR Stock- bought from DIY with X7 back plate
- Shroud - 1 X X7 Shroud + 1 X Phenom shroud secured with 2 part Epoxy
- Magazine - Magpul Pmag - bought from DIY (will do the write out later)
- Spray job - DIY with Krylon Ultra flat (Khaki color)
- Front Iron Sight - bought from part called EB foldable battle sight
- Barrel - Hammerhead Battlestikxs
- Cyclone Upgrade - TechT cyclone upgrade with QEPH & TechT Squishy paddles